Saturday, May 5, 2012

Easy, Fast Dinner!

May is National Beef Month!  While beef often gets a bad rap, it can be a very healthy part of your family's diet.  I will be writing a longer post about the benefits of beef and its nutrition facts with maybe a little myth-busting about beef production practices, but its been a busy week and our community-wide garage sales are today and I'm missing out on deals that will have to wait a day or 2.  Instead, today, I'm going to show you how I make a delicious, very easy meal for my family with a very affordable cut of beef. 

How I make slow cooker beef roast.  First, find a beef roast of good size.  I used 2 small chuck roasts today that probably added up to around 5lbs.  Each year we save back a few calves from our herd and feed them out and have them processed locally so we always have beef in our freezer but if you have to get it from the grocery store/butcher's shop look for something like a chuck roast, round roast, a brisket, etc.  It can be bone-in or boneless.  Try to find one that doesn't have a TON of excess fat but a little bit is ok.  You don't need to trim the fat or anything. 

Place your roast in a slow cooker that easily fits it.  I'm gonna be honest and tell you my roasts were frozen when I put them in because, like I said, yesterday was a busy day, but you really should have them thawed at least partially. 

Cover or very close to cover the roast with water or beef broth, whichever you prefer.

Add minced onion or fresh onion, garlic, salt and pepper or whatever spices/seasonings you prefer. 

Now, here is the hard part!  Put the lid on, turn the slow cooker on high and leave it alone!  You can turn the roast occasionally if you want but its not really necessary.  I usually cook mine 9-10 hours but I've left it in as long as 12 hours before. If it is falling apart and cooked before you are ready to eat just turn the slow cooker down to low.  I'm not sure you can really overcook it.  If you want, about 2 hours before you want to eat you can add large cubed potatoes and/or carrots.  I don't like cooked carrots so I just use potatoes.  When you are ready for dinner just scoop out the meat!  It will be SUPER tender.  You can serve it just as it is, season with additional spices, shred and add BBQ sauce or whatever you want!  I always make enough so there are leftovers and then use the leftover roast for chili, beef and noodles, BBQ beef sandwiches, enchiladas, etc. 

Happy Beef Month!!! 

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  1. I love roasts in the CP! Beef stroganoff is a good way to use up the leftovers, too!