Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why We Cloth Diaper

One of the parenting choices we made, even before I became pregnant, was to use cloth diapers.  Even though we have had many people think we are crazy for doing it, I am SO glad I was brave enough to give it a try.  I LOVE cloth diapering my baby.  Here are some of the reasons:

*We save money!  Before having R we were a 2 income household and doing pretty well.  In fact, we paid off about $35,000 in student loans, a $10,000 car loan and a few other odds and ends before we had been married for 2 years.  But with R’s arrival we made the decision it was best for our family for me to give up my job and stay home.  This cut our income at least in half.  For disposable diapers most estimates say that for 1 child you will spend $1500-$2000, just on diapers, if they potty train at 2 years old.  Now, you COULD cloth diaper a baby for as little as $150.  We have spent a little more than that but cloth diapers can be used for multiple children AND when we are done with them I can sell them for at least a 25% return.  That's a pretty good investment in my opinion. 

*We burn our trash.  Where we live there are really no options for trash removal services.  So what can’t be recycled we burn.  Have you ever smelled a burning diaper?  It is horrible, and it’s not so great for the environment. 

*They look like they would be SO much more comfortable than a disposable.  And R rarely gets rashes in cloth but if for some reason we have to go 12 or more hours in disposables you can bet his bum will be bright red! 

*I don’t have to worry about running out.   If I run out of cloth diapers it’s my own fault!  No late night trips to Wal-Mart for a package of expensive diapers for this girl! 

*Earlier potty training (hopefully).  Babies who are cloth diapered tend to potty train earlier than those in disposables.  Disposable diapers are designed to pull the wetness away from your baby.  If you were a busy 2 year old who wore a diaper that didn’t make you feel wet would you want to stop playing to go potty?  Doubtful.   But if it was slightly uncomfortable after you pottied in your diaper you might decide taking a break and using the potty was a good idea. 

*They are CUTE and FUN!  Like I said, you CAN cloth diaper a child for very little.  But we decided we are going to be saving money no matter what and why not make it fun?  My baby has some ADORABLE diapers and pretty much at least one of every color.  It makes me happy to put him in his Newspaper RagaBabe on a Sunday morning or a Grape Fuzzibunz when we are getting ready to cheer on our KSU Wildcats.  And I have even made a few!  And since this (God-willing) won’t be our only baby, the money I’m spending on the cuter diapers will stretch over multiple babies and we will most certainly still be saving A LOT of money in the long run. 

*It’s a community!  I’ve “met” so many awesome mamas through my cloth diaper Facebook groups!  They are super helpful, not only with cloth diapering questions, but motherhood and life topics in general.  We support each other and have a great time chatting about our babies.  Honestly, I would be SUPER lonely without them!  I just wish I knew some cloth diapering mamas who lived closer to me!

*And lastly, I do it to spite all those people who said I wouldn’t stick with it or who said it was gross or whatever.  Like I said in my profile, my husband is a farmer/rancher and he works with his father every day.  When my FIL heard we were going to CD he said “that is disgusting, you are gonna wash that baby’s s****y diapers in the same washer as your clothes?”  To which I replied, “I think it’s more disgusting that I’m gonna wash my husband’s cow-crap covered jeans in the same washer as my baby’s diapers!”  So as childish as that might sound, I CD just a LITTLE bit out of spite and stubbornness! 

If you cloth diaper comment and tell me your reasons for making that choice.  If you don’t and would like more info I can help you with that too! 
(R waiting for the pediatrician at his 4 month checkup in a Camo RagaBabe)

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